ESET Support for Ukraine (Slovakia)

ESET, the leading endpoint protection platform vendor headquartered in the European Union, announces today that it is stopping all new sales to any individuals, businesses and organizations in Russia and Belarus.

bitdefender Support for Ukraine (Romania)

Bitdefender is providing technical consulting, threat intelligence and enterprise cybersecurity technology to any business or government institution in Ukraine for as long as it is necessary.

Amazon support

Alongside supplying humanitarian relief and support to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), to help those affected by the violence, AWS has been working closely with Ukrainian customers and partners to keep their applications secure.

List of cybersec companies supporting Ukraine

Here is a list of the cybersecurity vendors currently known to be offering aid.

Protect yourself against war effects

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, what should CISOs and security teams be doing to ensure that their organizations stay protected?

Rebirth of activism

Ukraine war sparks revival of hacktivism.

Hacking groups take sides

Ukraine war sparks revival of hacktivism

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