FlexibleIR Platform

FlexibleIR Platform

FlexibleIR is an innovative Incident Response system that offers process-based Playbooks that are not tied to any specific vendor.

These Playbooks are designed to enhance the Incident Response skills of analysts. With its user-friendly interfaces, expert analysts can create Playbooks in just a few minutes without the need for extensive training.

The system empowers analysts to effectively manage large-scale breaches and incidents with unknown origins. At its core, FlexibleIR utilizes a single pane Kanban board that displays real-time information, including incident tasks, status updates, strategies, and indicators of compromise (IOCs). The platform also employs automation and Machine Learning to streamline low regret tasks.

The proposed concept is based on:

  • a Kanban based visual representation of playbooks organized by incident response stage or incident response role
  • a starting library of 150 playbooks which can easily be customized for company and incident specifics
  • an easy way to inject information into popular ticketing systems
  • facilities to execute incident response drills
Efficient Task Management

For more details, visit FlexibleIR 's website