How to identify potential cyber threats?

We all know that there are general cyber threats on the internet, but which are more specific to your company. Knowing this would avoid believing threats and incidents only happen to others and would allows to proactively prioritize mitigation measures.

Identifying potential cyber threats is an important aspect of cybersecurity.

Conducting a risk assessment helps to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to an organization's systems and data. It involves identifying assets, evaluating their value, and assessing the potential impact of a breach.

Monitoring network traffic can help identify suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts, unusual data transfer volumes, or strange patterns in network traffic.

Analyzing system logs can help identify potential threats by providing insights into system activity, including login attempts, access to sensitive data, and changes to system configurations.

Keeping up-to-date on current threats and vulnerabilities can help organizations proactively identify potential threats and take steps to mitigate them.

Conducting security testing, such as vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, can help identify weaknesses in an organization's security defenses and potential avenues for attack.

Monitoring social media and other public sources can help identify potential threats, such as phishing attacks or social engineering attempts.

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